Lady Cove Women's Choir


“Musical excellence is rewarding, exciting and what we ultimately aim to achieve, but we also value the process. The friendships that have been built, the skills we learn from one another week after week, the joy, the tears and the laughter... it is because of all these experiences that we excel.”

-Choir Member

Invest in Lady Cove's Next CD

Lady Cove has launched a special campaign to help raise funds for the recording and production of their second CD. The CD will celebrate the choir's contribution to works for women's voices over the last nine years, especially those that are linked to our Province.

Visit to learn more and to invest in the choir's next project. 

Thank you to all our contributors:

Kathleen Allan
Lynnann Anstey
Lily K. Abbass
Frances Boland
Cheralyn Carroll
Teresa Connors
Barbara Corrigan
Michael Fantuz
Melissa Harris
Jennifer Hart
Amy Henderson
Leanne Kearsey
Nora & Pat Kearsey
Gary Lane
Michele Maloney
Lisa McDonald
Steve Morrisey
Zita Murphy
Caroline Nicholson
Alana Noftall
Sarah Quartel
Jennifer Rennick-Cartier
John Shortall
Lori Shortall
Lynette Snelgrove
Peggy Walsh
Judy Woodford
3 Anonymous