Lady Cove Women's Choir


“For me, Lady Cove Women’s Choir celebrates the joys of sisterhood. Our music-making is the truest expression of respect, trust, friendship and joy!”

-Choir Member

Lady Cove Releases New CD! – June 8

Lady Cove Women’s Choir is proud to announce the release of its sophomore recording, Heart’s Delight featuring some of our favourite and most noteworthy songs as well as several works commissioned by the Choir over the past ten years!  

Track Listing:
Salve Regina – Ramona Luengen
Gloria Kajoniensis – Levente Gyöngyösi
Angus Dei – János Vajda
The Sky is Always Young – Jason Noble
Kekatu Dziesma – Péteris Vasks
Snow Angel – Sarah Quartel
Lullaby – James Rolfe
Salve Regina – Miklós Kocsár
Maid on the Shore – Kathleen Allan
On the Rooms – Stephen Hatfield

CDs are $20 plus shipping.  Email to order your copy or visit Fred's Records in St. John's.