Lady Cove Women's Choir


"Nearly three years after having been awarded the bursary, the lasting effects of the incredible experience my trip to Ireland represented are still audible in my music. I would like to sincerely thank the Lady Cove Choir for aiding me to attain this experience."
-Bursary Recipient

In Remembrance - Diane Loomer

December 11, 2012

Today, the Canadian choral world lost a true pioneer.

Diane Loomer – conductor, composer, teacher, mentor and friend – has touched the hearts of many choral musicians in Canada and around the world.  She made her mark here in Newfoundland and Labrador, having attended Festival 500 Sharing the Voices on several occasions with Chor Leoni Men’s Choir, Elektra Women’s Choir and as a guest artist.   We have wonderful memories of a lobster boil and kitchen party we shared with Elektra where the spirit of sharing and sisterhood was at its best!

Diane has been one of Lady Cove’s biggest fans and her legacy resonates in everything we do.  Her love and respect for the power of women’s voices has been a guiding force for us to continue pursuing innovative and exceptional musical opportunities and to embrace the things that are unique to the women’s choir experience.  Her passing is a loss for us all, but we are honoured to have known her and to continue her legacy with as much passion and pleasure as she did.

Last year, Diane was bestowed an Honourary Degree at the University of British Columbia.  Here are a few of the wise words she shared with the graduating class:

Arts aren’t just a nice thing to do if one has time, or can afford it. Arts are not an ‘extra part’ of our life and culture. Arts have the power to challenge our thoughts and assumptions, to inspire, to connect us to each other, arts have the power to make us better people. [...]

Remain open to change. [...] Trust your instincts. [...] Be kind. Be understanding to people, especially your friends, and especially if you’re going to ask them to go on some hair-brained scheme and try something new. Make sure you thank them.

Make sure you give praise generously.

Don’t be afraid to admit that someone knows more than you do and take every chance to sit quietly and learn from them [...]

Make a difference with your life. Don’t settle for ‘good enough’. Find and stick to your own standard of excellence.

Make yourself and the world better through your work. Take care of each other.

Sing. Sing… Sing!

Thank you, Diane.  You will be missed.