Lady Cove Women's Choir


“For me, Lady Cove Women’s Choir celebrates the joys of sisterhood. Our music-making is the truest expression of respect, trust, friendship and joy!”

-Choir Member

The Accompanist

Previously belonging to the intrepid second alto section, LESLEE HEYS is thrilled and honoured to have taken on the role of collaborative pianist for Lady Cove. Leslee enjoys many other aspects of music-making in the community: she works with the award-winning youth choir Shallaway, has a dynamic private piano studio, is a sought-after accompanist and adjudicator, and composes in her free time. Leslee’s skills as coach/accompanist have led to international performances in more than a dozen countries, as well as participation in Canadian events such as Festival 500, Opera on the Avalon, the National Music Festival, and the rESOund Festival of Contemporary Music. As musical director, she was involved in the critically acclaimed recording of Ann and Seamus. Recently, Leslee toured with the Ontario Honour Choir as their guest pianist. Leslee holds a Bachelor of Music Performance from the University of Toronto, a Master of Music Performance from the University of Western Ontario, and an Associateship from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (Performance).